I’m an independent designer and artist living and working in Kansas City.
I work with purpose-driven organizations and individuals to help clarify and express their identities through thoughtful, forward-thinking design.
Who I Am
I’ve been designing brand identities for just under a decade. Over the years, and through the molding and guidance of great mentors, I’ve become passionate about the intersection of beautiful design and strategic execution.

Thorough design and excellent communication are the pillars of my work. I aim for my partners and clients to not only move forward with a beautiful brand, but one that they can execute on with success.
How I Work
Remarkable organizations deeply understand their purpose—this is the place they make decisions from, both internally and externally, and this purpose is the invisible map that guides them as they grow and change.

Beginning with the first meeting, this purpose is the focus of the conversation. At times, clients have already unearthed this guiding direction when they come to me, and at times I help clients discover and clarify that direction. Regardless of the end deliverables, this process of intently listening and learning is what shapes the remaining steps of the design process, from exploration to handoff.
Areas of Expertise
Brand Identity
Brand Identity Systems
Brand Strategy
Brand Guidelines
Branded Environments
Brand Typefaces
Brand Language
Custom Wordmarks
Art Direction
Brand Identity Design
I work directly with organizations and their key stakeholders to design identities driven by both insight and instinct, from logos to full systems.
Design Consulting
I collaborate with clients to help identify pain points and build lasting solutions within their design system, across all touch points.
Website Design + Development
I design + build Webflow sites, as an extension and expression of your brand. Across screens, your website will be beautiful and functional.
Graphic Artwork Packages
I create expressive design assets for client initiatives—from sermon series’ to brand campaigns, clients move forward with an artful system.
Brand Typeface Design
I craft limited character set typefaces driven by specific brand needs and goals, to propel clients forward into their next phase of growth.
Have a project in mind?
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