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CrossPoint Church is a growing multi-site church with 11 locations across the state of Kansas. Their shared vision, across their church network, is to see 10% of each community they’re in transformed by the gospel through a local church.

Around the time I started working with CrossPoint back in 2015, they had a unique problem—they were in need of a way to create a scalable, shared visual identity across their growing network with churches of all different sizes. It became clear that, under their current design assets for the church, they didn’t have the design infrastructure to support this growing network. On top of this, they were experiencing problems maintaining clarity between their network locations and their central services team that was helping resource those churches.

How do we create a singular, cohesive identity system for a growing network of churches, ranging in size, while building distinction around their team of central services?

For the past eight years, I’ve worked directly with members of their executive team leadership and their creative team to help scale and clarify their visual identity system.
Photography by Jade Robben