The official design office of Josiah Z.
Josiah Z. is a brand identity designer and artist aiming to create work for organizations and individuals with precision and artistry.

Across the scope of Josiah Z.'s work, you'll notice two things: detailed exploration and honest execution. Always on the hunt for more interesting and captivating visuals, his work straddles restraint and explosive curiosity— this is the lens through which he views the world. Paired with an almost masochistic

inability to be satisfied with the initial draft, you'll find his work to be weaved with a common thread of craft across a variety of disciplines. Be it true design or more fine art-based collage artwork, there is always a commonality of intuitive, almost instinctual decision-making based around the core objective.


Currently Employed:

Design @ Design Ranch

Select Projects:
CrossPoint Church Rebrand
Lift Your Eyes
The Harvester Foundation


Display Typeface:
Instinct Display, Unreleased

Text Typeface:
FNX Code, Unreleased

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